I Solved the Mystery!

Remember when I was sick but not really?  You'll never believe what happened. Okay, well you might believe it, but in all factness that I fell for it is quite actually the most unbelieveable part of it all.

So Nona got a teeny tiny bit mad when I would let her read the comments for the Super Gossip Contest, which BTW, today is the last day to enter! And so she tried to get the ultimate BFF revenge on me. And I think she pulled it off.

Under my bed was a pair of her old, ugly, dirty, disguting gym shoes. And might I add, VERY worn and sweaty, smelly gym shoes. Yeah. Every bit as bad as it it sounds.


She shoved onions inside them. They reeked sooo bad that it was like...okay, I can't even compare it to anything that reeks, not even Mia St. Claire. THAT'S how bad it was.

So now we know why my poor fragile stomach was so nauseated, and my eyes and nose were running uncontrollably. That's right. They were trying to run away from my body. Aways from the grossness of what is called Nona's gym shoes. *shudders*


Jen Daiker said...

Ick! Smelly oniony shoes... NOT COOL!

Emily White said...

Oh, that Nona. You better watch out for her! Smelly shoes are the worst!

Nona Bows said...

Hey this is Nona reading this:My revenge always works and sorry,I am just a little way too upset about Mia St.Claire liking Mike.