Dishing Dirt


Name: Sofia Becker
Petname: Sofia Barfia (only called this by almost forever crush)
Grade: 6th
School: Middlebrooke Middleschool
Pet: Parrot Sam Sam who is trained to say almost anything
BFF: Nona Bows
BEF (Best Enemy Forever): Mia St. Claire
Almost Forever Crush: Andrew
Brothers or Sisters: No
Dad: Yes
Mom: Annoyingly LOUD!!!!!!!!!  Tip: wearing mom-plugs in your ears in so necessary. Trust me.


Okay, you can't let anyone at Middlebrooke know, but I am THE Blogtastic Blogger. What does that mean exactly? Well, it's my best kept secret. Once you read my book, GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS ROOM, you'll know exactly what that means. I'll give you a hint though. It has to with me keeping a secret identity, an annoymous blog, and a fun way to bump up on the popularity meter. Oh, and I have to TAKE. MIA. DOWN. Why, you ask? Oh geez, there are more reasons than I can count on my fingers and toes and your fingers and toes and your'll be able to read all about it. But just remember, you can't let anyone from my school know. This is just between us. And my totally fabulous parrot, Sam Sam.