Somebody Pinch Me!

I must be dreaming or something. I mean, I actually have my own blog. My OWN blog. After begging for almost a year, Rose finally gives in. But not after first telling me that her blog is better than mine. Then I have to do some reminding. Such as:

1. I have uber awesome colors on mine. like hot pink. and plaid. Take THAT!

2. My blog has skulls. I used to think only people with anger issues liked skulls, like my BFF Nona Bows. Never mind, I still think that.

3. My blog even says it's the best. In fact it says in all exactness, the best blog in the world. ever.

And then you know what Rose says back to me? She's all like, "I have all of that too!"

You know what that means, right? She totally ripped me off. So no more playing nice. I told her, well, I have super secret stuff. She kinda just whispered and said, "oh. I don't."

So yeah, I'll have lots of cool giveaways and contests and things so super secret that I don't even know about yet! I'll even have guest blogs from my BFF and maybe I can convince my almost forever crush, Andrew, to come on here too! OMG, my heart almost stopped beating just thinking about him. I need to go lay down.


Amie B said...

ha ha - you are just too cute! and i'm so glad that rose gave you your own blog too! because it will be the best blog. ever. :)

Halli said...

I love this site already! Congrats, Barfia! I think it's WAY better than Rose's, and I will tell ALL of my friends to come see the Best. Blog. Ever.

Halli Boman

Sofia Becker said...

Hi Amie *waves* My parrot Sam Sam says i'm cute too but I kinda trained him to say that. Does that count? Thank you for helping me to make this the best blog. ever.


Sofia Barfia said...

Hi Hallie! I remember you from my Juicy Gossip page! You gave an awesauce review. Yay you! Thanks for agreeing with me and I won't mention that to Rose, lol. Can't wait to meet your friends!


Jen said...

Sofia you are a knock-out super star!!!! Rose and I are total besties and I know she'll agree when I say that this blog is total AWESOMESAUCE!!!

Look forward to some awesome swag giveaways and of course juicy gossip!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh I just saw my name with Halli's where the reviews are at!!! I'm famous! Wow... who would have thought I'd see the day!! Thanks for sharing the love Sofia!

PS - Halli did one awesome shout-out!

Sofia Becker said...

You are so famous Jen! We'll be famous besties, k? Halli was awesome, right?!