Better than Bacon?

Hey all you Blogtastical Readers!
(yes, I declare this a real word!.)
So guess what I just found out....??? Hint: It's better than bacon.
Okay. ALMOST better than bacon. So go ahead. Guess!

Fine. Don't guess. I'll tell you then. I'm going on a *drum roll*.................trip!

Sigh. Not THAT kind of trip.  By the way, I still kind of maybe sorta think Alice did fall down some kind of rabbit hole when she pulled that disappearing act in RUMORS FROM THE BOYS ROOM. What do you think?

Anyways, totally sidetracked there. So really...my author person is taking me with her (like she has a choice!) and I'll actually get to fly for the first time ever to.....

So where is Pasco, Washington? *shrugs* No idea, but it's far enough away to take a plane there! And I'm totally doing my happy dance right now! Can you picture it? No? Okay, it looks something like this....

I can bust a move like you wouldn't believe!!!

So now I must pack. and shop. and shop some more. And don't tell my BFF Nona just yet, I have to break the news to her very, very gently. after all, I'll be leaving her behind for almost a week (Gasp!).

Any ideas on how I can break this awesome (for me), horrible (for her) news to Nona?

For now, I will leave you with this brilliant and witty poem:

Roses are red
Bacon is red
Poems are hard




The best thing about summer ever? Friends! I might even go back to Camp Krakatow! That just oozes awesomeness right?! My camp adventures started out a teeny tiny bit embarrassing at first (teeny tiny bit is code for HUGELY ENORMOUS)! But it ended great.

What has been YOUR favorite or most embarrassing thing to happen to you over summer? Don't worry....I'll keep your secret super safe!!

PS- read all about my summer adventures in SECRETS FROM THE SLEEPING BAG! It's Camptastic!


Graphic Evolution

Okay, so you know that girl Rose? She is doing a blog tour for the book GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM and today she shows what characters in the book ALMOST looked different than they do now! You can see my BFF, Nona and how she used to look waaaay angrier. Oh, and my boyfriend (he just doesn't know it yet), Andrew, almost looked really non-cute. So go check it out! Oh, and you can click on a link over there to see how I might have looked differently too (Yikes!).

What if Nona almost looked like THIS?


Ready For Rumors?

Wanna hear some awesome news? The second Blogtastic! novel, RUMORS FROM THE BOYS ROOM, (which was supposed to be released next year)  will now be out in stores Oct. 15th, 2011! Cool, right? And you'll get to meet a new friend (she's an unpopular) and there are a few added surprises. Soon, I'll be able to show you the book cover too!

Who's your favorite characeter in GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM? It's okay, you don't have to say me. I will hold back my tears.


Writing/Drawing Prompt #3: Unexplainable

Writing/Drawing Prompt Thursdays

Last prompt posted was Imagination! Thank you to Halli who made an awesome pic! (as soon as the image will let me upload it, we'll post your pic here!)

On Thursday's I'll post the first beginning sentences to a story. Then, use that sentence to start your own story, or make a drawing based on that subject, using your creativity. You can email me your picture or story and I can even put it up on my blog next week! You can send in your work for past prompts too!

So, here's the prompt. Have an fab-tastic time!

In the parking lot, thunder rolled overhead and in that very instance, the rain poured down on me. That's when I noticed that something wasn't quite right. Why was I the only one getting wet?


Writing/Drawing Prompt #2: Imagination!

Writing/Drawing Prompt Thursdays

Last prompt posted was Aliens. Thank you to Halli & Maddie who sent in their AWESOME pics to share!

By Halli B.
By Maddie M.

On Thursday's I'll post the first beginning sentences to a story. Then, use that sentence to start your own story, or make a drawing based on that subject, using your creativity. So if you want, you can leave a comment and share some of your story, or email me your picture and I can even put it up on my blog next week.
So, here's the prompt. Have an art-tastic time!

Did that painting on the wall just wink at me? A normal person might think it was just their imagination. But me? I'm not just your normal, everyday average person...


Writing/Drawing Prompt #1: Aliens

Writing/Drawing Prompt Thursdays

Every Thursday I'll post the first sentence to a story. Then, use that sentence to start your own story, or make a drawing based on that subject., using your creativity. Good thing I'm not doing this on a Monday because really, my brain is missing on Monday's.

So if you want, you can leave a comment and share some of your story, or email me your picture and I can even put it up on my blog next week (if you want to share it!)

So, here's the prompt. And have a fun-tastic time!

I just found out my bestie is an alien and i'm supposed to keep this a...a secret?


Other Things Books Are Good For

Books are good for a few things. Things such as:

1. Swatting mosquitos. Or spiders. But I only recommend this if the book is disposable. Like a telephone book.

2. Throwing at your friend. My BFF Nona threw a book at my head once. Among other things. Um yeah,   that KINDA hurt!

3. Making you taller. Really. If you stack a bunch of books you can stand on them to reach something super high that you're probably not supposed to be reaching for. But it's the challenge, right? Oh, and make sure each book is Harry PotterThick. Otherwise, you'll need like, a bazillion skinny books.

A girl. A guy. A ghost. A heist. Yikes!
 4. Okay, the most obvious reason of all, reading. You probably thought I forgot about that one, huh? Well, one of my favorite authors is Barrie Summy. She writes these awesome mystery type books. It even has ghosts in it! Anyways, I finished reading another one of her books and i'm addicted. Good thing it's a series and there's a bunch out there. You can check out her website at http://www.barriesummy.com/.

What are some of your favorite books?



You guys rock! And the winner of the awesome handmade "Nona Bows" flower is...


Yay, Maddie! Now, when you get the flower, you must send a picture of you wearinig it so I can post it on the blog! hehe



OMG! So today is a totally fantastic day! Why? I'll tell you why! GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM, A BLOGTASTIC! NOVEL is released today! So you know what that means, right? It means you can go out and buy the book at any bookstore now.

Buy it now, now, now!!!

Okay, so to celebrate this uber fab day, my BFF, Nona Bows is giving away one of her hair flowers! Yes, she ALWAYS wears a flower in her hair. And the way cool Stephanie Boman who owns Dinkybird Boutique made a special flower for Nona Bows to giveaway. You rock, Steph!

So this is the Moxie Flower:

It will be mailed to you in a nice little wrapped package, and you might even get a few other surprises too!  My NBFBE (Not Best Friend But Enemy), Mia St. Claire is always wearing a bow in her hair. And Andrew my Forever Crush wears his hat all the time. There's also this nerdy kid in my class who thinks he's so cool and wears sunglasses. Even on non-sunny days. Irritating, right?

So all you need to do to enter for this giveaway is leave a comment and tell  me what your favorite accessory is to wear. Good luck!!

PS- To enter a ton of more giveways (for signed books and stuff)check out Rose's Blog at http://www.rose-cooper.com/!