I Was Sick. But Not Really.

So I stayed in bed all weekend because I felt nauseated, and my eyes were watering, my nose was running, I was one big mess. But guess what happened? When I got out of bed, I was magically better. Symptom free! Hmmm. So I got back in bed to see what would happen again and I started feel horribly miserable. Something is terribly wrong here. So now I'm staying away from my bed until I can figure out what is going on. Because there is definitely something going on. Definitely. But...what could it be?

It's a good thing that I, Sofia Becker, loves a good mystery! Does anyone else? Maybe someone has ideas on how to solve this one or what could be the cause of  it?

I've tried to get Sam Sam to talk, because he always knows everything, but nope. He hasn't squawked a word. He's still talking about the Gossip Contest to be a character in the next book. I haven't peeked at the Gossipy Comments yet, but he keeps saying "Funny, haha, squawk!"

Well, I'm off to hopefully solve a mysterious mystery now!


Emily White said...

It's ghosties. It has to be. :)

Anonymous said...

It's some of the sparkle dust that Nona ate according to Sam Sam. I think you are allergic to sparkle dust. Or fairies....