Contest! Be A Character In The Next Book!

CONTEST TIME!!!!!! Winner will get to be in a character in the next book, Rumors from the Boys Room, which comes out Spring 2012! This book will also be published in Vietnam!!

Omg! Seriously now, I’m way excited. So excited I’m doing this weird happy dance that you have to see to believe. My BFF Nona Bows just rolled her eyes at me and said I’m really lame. Does your best friend say stuff like that to you?

So my parrot Sam Sam is the best pet. ever. I can teach him to say things but sometimes he will be nosey and listen to other people and repeat what they say too. Can you imagine how much trouble that gets me into?

Like this one time Nona told me a secret and I swore I wouldn’t tell anyone. And I didn’t, but of course Sam Sam blabbed about it to anyone and everyone who would listen. Eventually my mom and dad and half the neighborhood knew. Nona blamed it on me. She said because he was my pet I’m responsible for him so that makes me guilty. I told her my mom and dad tell me all the time how irresponsible I am. She rolled her eyes. Then threw her shoe at me.

For this contest,  leave a comment about something gossipy that Sam Sam might overhear  and say about Nona Bows. Be creative! Have fun with it! And leave your email so I can contact you if you win! And I’ll make sure Nona doesn’t read this. Um,  just in case just escapes the closet, I’ve hidden all of her shoes!

You can enter as many time as you want. The one that makes me laugh the most will win. The last day to enter will be Thursday, September 30th.  Winner will be announced here on Friday, October 1st and I'll email you too!


Candyland said...

AHAHAHAHA!!!! Sam Sam rocks! I think I just heard him say "Nona Bows needs her shoes back! My nostrils are burning! Squawk!"

Jen said...

Sofia you crack me up!!! Great contest, I really hope that I'm cool enough to make it to the next novel... that would be super fun! Not to mention everyone would think I'm famous... and that never hurt anyone now did it.

Sam Sam should be the one getting in trouble, last thing I heard was really serious!

"Nona Bows called Mia St. Claire a clown after catching her in the bathroom applying WAY too much lipstick that she borrowed from her mom. Squawk! It was called Sweet Sexy Pink, as if that makes it true! Squawk!"

You know my addy :)

Anonymous said...

What's that? I heard Sam Sam say that "When Nona threw her shoe, it knocked Sofia's journal out the window! Squawk!" Sofia, you might want to check on that!


Casey said...

"Squawk! Nina Bows egged and T.P.ed her History teacher's house last Friday because she yelled at her for wearing black lipstick every day! Squawk!"

Yeah. I just think she's a black lipstick person. xD

Vicki Rocho said...

I heard Sam Sam say, "Nona sucks her thumb. Squawk." I hope this isn't true, how embarrassing.

He ALSO said "Nona practices kissing herself in the mirror. Squawk."

Think you have my addy, but I'll leave it just in case:


clp3333 said...

"Nona is on Team Carlisle! Squawk!"

"Polly wants a cracker. Nona wants Andrew's phone number."


Matthew Rush said...

OMG I can't believe I just heard about this. I'm sending my daughter here STAT!

Halli said...

Hmmm did I just hear what I think I just heard?
Squawk! Nona Bows has glasses because once when she was eating a lemon, the juice squirted in both of her eyes! Squawk!

Who eats lemons? actually one of my friends does... with sugar!

you know my mom's email and she knows mine (duh)
Halli Boman

Halli said...

Oooh, looks like Sam Sam is on a roll today! Naughty bird.
Squawk! Nona Bows watered her plants with Sierra Mist because she thought it was water from the sierras! Squawk!

Halli Boman (again)

Halli said...

Omg, Sam Sam, you are such an eavesdropper! Guess what he just told me:
Nona secretly wears BOWS when she's not around Sofia! SQUAWK!

Emily White said...

Well, I just heard Sam Sam say, "Nona ate a booger! Squawk!"

Eew. That's pretty gross, Nona. And not healthy at all. :P

Emily White said...

Oops! forgot my email:


Anonymous said...

Sam Sam speaks again! He just said that Nona Bows drew one too many skulls, and POP!! she turned into a pirate!!


Amie B said...

OMGosh i heard Sam Sam say, "Nona went to a sleep over and came home with headlice! She had to wash her hair like a gazillion times. Now she's wearing an ugly hat with pom poms."

Candyland said...

I just heard him say "Squawk! Nona Bows eats licorice and coughs up her shoe laces! Squawk! Spit shoes! Squawk!"

Anonymous said...

Sam Sam says "Nona Bows was caught saying that Adam Lambert TOTALLY should have won American Idol. Squawk!!"

Casey said...

^^ABOVE COMMENT (this isn't part of the contest, by the way xD)
You dissing Adam Lambert? 'Cuz that's not cool. He's amazing and I love him. xD

Anonymous said...

No, Adam's cool. I just like Kris better because he's from my hometown.

Anonymous said...

Sam,Sam sings:Nona , Nona throws shoes if she madddd, be careful because she is impredecible.

If she is mad you find a skull in his head ,if she is in dog days.

She wants empanadas instead of chocolate flavor mud
or mud flavor chocolate.

Before she want a celphone but
her ear turn red.

So here is the song
of Nona Nona Bows.
But please hide me,
because Im scared,
because I dont want
she throws me a shoe!
My mail is mariapaula.mtz@hotmail.com
but use it for the rigth thing!