BFF's & Frenemies


My BFF. She's way smart although sometimes boring. So it's good I'm so creative because that just means she really needs me around. Even though she acts like my plans are super dumb at times. She's just jealous, I can tell. And when she gets angry, hide your shoes. She likes to throw things. Hard. Doin't let her innocent looking flower fool you.


She just looks annoying, doesn't she? She always has a bow plastered to    her perfect fake looking hair. She has cute dimples (gag!) and a huge smile (so yesterday!). She's $$ loaded $$ like a baked potato and she thinks she's totally popular. Okay, she IS totally popular. Whatever. And if Mia looks at my almost forever crush one more time...well, it doesn't matter. I have a plan. A plan to TAKE. MIA. DOWN.


My almost forever crush. He's only THE cutest and funniest and popular boy in all of Middlebrooke Middleschool. And I know he likes me. He even looked at me the other day. Right. At. Me. I almost very nearly fell over clutching my heart. If I did, I bet he would have whisked me away to the nurses office, and stayed with me the entire time to make sure I was okay. I'm almost certain by next week he might possibly change status and become my almost forever boyfriend. *clutches heart*


My uber fabulous parrot. He's with me through the happy times and the unhappy times. Actually, he's always with me. Minus school hours. He's better than regular birds because I can train him to talk and say almost anything. Apparently, he doesn't Mia either!! And sometimes he will say things that he hears me talking about, and that can get me in trouble if I'm not careful.