Yay For Winners!

This was tough! But the winner is.......

                                                             Emily White!

But for the rest of you, (thank you so much for leaving comments!) I will be sending you one of these holiday cards from me!

So Emily and everyone else, please email me your addresses and I'll mail them to you right away! Yay!


Holiday Card Giveaway!

Yay for the holidays! And giveaways!  Up for grabs is a set of five holiday cards, featuring Moi (that's french for me!). Here is what the front of the card looks like:

They are like postcards with the picture on front and a place for you to write on the back. Each one has a matching envelope.

So all you have to do is comment on this post and one awesome winner will be picked on Wednesday, December 1st!


Never Sleep

In the poll asking which ability you'd like to have most, the most voted answer was Never Need to Sleep. So, what kinda things would you do all night instead of sleeping? And if you could choose one person who could have the same ability as you and never sleep, who would you choose? 

I would definitely pick Nona.

Or maybe Andrew. *sigh*

But Nona, she would be more fun.

Although I could stare at Andrew forever. *sigh*

Hmmm, can I answer this later?



The winner was SO hard to choose. I mean, I seriously spit random drinks through my nose just reading those gossipy comments. You guys are so funny! It was really, really hard to pick. Thank you for everyone who participated!

And the winner who will be a character in the next book with me is:
Congrats, Maddie! I will send you an email with deets soon!

xx-Pirate Sofia


I Solved the Mystery!

Remember when I was sick but not really?  You'll never believe what happened. Okay, well you might believe it, but in all factness that I fell for it is quite actually the most unbelieveable part of it all.

So Nona got a teeny tiny bit mad when I would let her read the comments for the Super Gossip Contest, which BTW, today is the last day to enter! And so she tried to get the ultimate BFF revenge on me. And I think she pulled it off.

Under my bed was a pair of her old, ugly, dirty, disguting gym shoes. And might I add, VERY worn and sweaty, smelly gym shoes. Yeah. Every bit as bad as it it sounds.


She shoved onions inside them. They reeked sooo bad that it was like...okay, I can't even compare it to anything that reeks, not even Mia St. Claire. THAT'S how bad it was.

So now we know why my poor fragile stomach was so nauseated, and my eyes and nose were running uncontrollably. That's right. They were trying to run away from my body. Aways from the grossness of what is called Nona's gym shoes. *shudders*


I Was Sick. But Not Really.

So I stayed in bed all weekend because I felt nauseated, and my eyes were watering, my nose was running, I was one big mess. But guess what happened? When I got out of bed, I was magically better. Symptom free! Hmmm. So I got back in bed to see what would happen again and I started feel horribly miserable. Something is terribly wrong here. So now I'm staying away from my bed until I can figure out what is going on. Because there is definitely something going on. Definitely. But...what could it be?

It's a good thing that I, Sofia Becker, loves a good mystery! Does anyone else? Maybe someone has ideas on how to solve this one or what could be the cause of  it?

I've tried to get Sam Sam to talk, because he always knows everything, but nope. He hasn't squawked a word. He's still talking about the Gossip Contest to be a character in the next book. I haven't peeked at the Gossipy Comments yet, but he keeps saying "Funny, haha, squawk!"

Well, I'm off to hopefully solve a mysterious mystery now!


Contest! Be A Character In The Next Book!

CONTEST TIME!!!!!! Winner will get to be in a character in the next book, Rumors from the Boys Room, which comes out Spring 2012! This book will also be published in Vietnam!!

Omg! Seriously now, I’m way excited. So excited I’m doing this weird happy dance that you have to see to believe. My BFF Nona Bows just rolled her eyes at me and said I’m really lame. Does your best friend say stuff like that to you?

So my parrot Sam Sam is the best pet. ever. I can teach him to say things but sometimes he will be nosey and listen to other people and repeat what they say too. Can you imagine how much trouble that gets me into?

Like this one time Nona told me a secret and I swore I wouldn’t tell anyone. And I didn’t, but of course Sam Sam blabbed about it to anyone and everyone who would listen. Eventually my mom and dad and half the neighborhood knew. Nona blamed it on me. She said because he was my pet I’m responsible for him so that makes me guilty. I told her my mom and dad tell me all the time how irresponsible I am. She rolled her eyes. Then threw her shoe at me.

For this contest,  leave a comment about something gossipy that Sam Sam might overhear  and say about Nona Bows. Be creative! Have fun with it! And leave your email so I can contact you if you win! And I’ll make sure Nona doesn’t read this. Um,  just in case just escapes the closet, I’ve hidden all of her shoes!

You can enter as many time as you want. The one that makes me laugh the most will win. The last day to enter will be Thursday, September 30th.  Winner will be announced here on Friday, October 1st and I'll email you too!


Somebody Pinch Me!

I must be dreaming or something. I mean, I actually have my own blog. My OWN blog. After begging for almost a year, Rose finally gives in. But not after first telling me that her blog is better than mine. Then I have to do some reminding. Such as:

1. I have uber awesome colors on mine. like hot pink. and plaid. Take THAT!

2. My blog has skulls. I used to think only people with anger issues liked skulls, like my BFF Nona Bows. Never mind, I still think that.

3. My blog even says it's the best. In fact it says in all exactness, the best blog in the world. ever.

And then you know what Rose says back to me? She's all like, "I have all of that too!"

You know what that means, right? She totally ripped me off. So no more playing nice. I told her, well, I have super secret stuff. She kinda just whispered and said, "oh. I don't."

So yeah, I'll have lots of cool giveaways and contests and things so super secret that I don't even know about yet! I'll even have guest blogs from my BFF and maybe I can convince my almost forever crush, Andrew, to come on here too! OMG, my heart almost stopped beating just thinking about him. I need to go lay down.


Want to be a character in the next book?

I'm so excited I can barely breathe! Usually this only happens when my crush, Andrew, looks at me, but not this time. Right now it's because I have ubertastic news! One of you, yes YOU get to be with me at Middlebrooke Middleschool! There will be a really fun contest you can enter. If you win, your name will be one of the characters in the next book, RUMORS FROM THE BOYS ROOM.

The contest information will be posted on Wednesday, September 22nd, so don't miss it! I love making new friends!