OMG! So today is a totally fantastic day! Why? I'll tell you why! GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM, A BLOGTASTIC! NOVEL is released today! So you know what that means, right? It means you can go out and buy the book at any bookstore now.

Buy it now, now, now!!!

Okay, so to celebrate this uber fab day, my BFF, Nona Bows is giving away one of her hair flowers! Yes, she ALWAYS wears a flower in her hair. And the way cool Stephanie Boman who owns Dinkybird Boutique made a special flower for Nona Bows to giveaway. You rock, Steph!

So this is the Moxie Flower:

It will be mailed to you in a nice little wrapped package, and you might even get a few other surprises too!  My NBFBE (Not Best Friend But Enemy), Mia St. Claire is always wearing a bow in her hair. And Andrew my Forever Crush wears his hat all the time. There's also this nerdy kid in my class who thinks he's so cool and wears sunglasses. Even on non-sunny days. Irritating, right?

So all you need to do to enter for this giveaway is leave a comment and tell  me what your favorite accessory is to wear. Good luck!!

PS- To enter a ton of more giveways (for signed books and stuff)check out Rose's Blog at http://www.rose-cooper.com/!


Candyland said...

My favorite accessory...a smile!

Anonymous said...

My favorite accessory is a necklace chain with a large ring on it as a pendant. That way you can change it up. But that hair flower is REALLY cute...(crossing fingers!)


Anonymous said...


I just got the book. I am almost done with it! We got the last 2 copies of it at the store. It was almost sold out!


Anonymous said...


I am now done. It was AWESOME!

Sofia Becker said...

Love that, Candyland!

Maddie, SO SO happy to hear you love the book. YOU are awesome!

Halli said...

OMG, I knew everyone would totally love the book! I bought it and read it in about an hour and a half because it was so exciting! And it was the second time I've read it! All my friends have been begging me to let them borrow it! Congrats on the win, Maddie!

Anonymous said...

I read ALL the books.and maddie, please don't type in personal info such as:

Full name(first,middle,last)
where you live
DON'T mention your friends and family's names.

these rules are for safety