Better than Bacon?

Hey all you Blogtastical Readers!
(yes, I declare this a real word!.)
So guess what I just found out....??? Hint: It's better than bacon.
Okay. ALMOST better than bacon. So go ahead. Guess!

Fine. Don't guess. I'll tell you then. I'm going on a *drum roll*.................trip!

Sigh. Not THAT kind of trip.  By the way, I still kind of maybe sorta think Alice did fall down some kind of rabbit hole when she pulled that disappearing act in RUMORS FROM THE BOYS ROOM. What do you think?

Anyways, totally sidetracked there. So really...my author person is taking me with her (like she has a choice!) and I'll actually get to fly for the first time ever to.....

So where is Pasco, Washington? *shrugs* No idea, but it's far enough away to take a plane there! And I'm totally doing my happy dance right now! Can you picture it? No? Okay, it looks something like this....

I can bust a move like you wouldn't believe!!!

So now I must pack. and shop. and shop some more. And don't tell my BFF Nona just yet, I have to break the news to her very, very gently. after all, I'll be leaving her behind for almost a week (Gasp!).

Any ideas on how I can break this awesome (for me), horrible (for her) news to Nona?

For now, I will leave you with this brilliant and witty poem:

Roses are red
Bacon is red
Poems are hard



Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Your poem was funny. How about you tell Nona the news a day before you leave. Call her when you get there. ( or text) that will probably make her feel better. Good luck!
-Sarah =)

XxSawggiwgirlxX said...
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Anonymous said...

UPDATEEEE PLEASE!!! Thank you! Good Bye. -Sarah