Never Sleep

In the poll asking which ability you'd like to have most, the most voted answer was Never Need to Sleep. So, what kinda things would you do all night instead of sleeping? And if you could choose one person who could have the same ability as you and never sleep, who would you choose? 

I would definitely pick Nona.

Or maybe Andrew. *sigh*

But Nona, she would be more fun.

Although I could stare at Andrew forever. *sigh*

Hmmm, can I answer this later?


Casey said...

I think that I would pick... I don't know, actually. I think that I would get tired of people after a while.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...tough one. I guess I'd say that I would go on the web. I'd play some games or watch T.V. I know, a lot of electronics. And I guess if I could have one person to never sleep too, I GUESS I would choose my #1 B.F.F., but since I have 2 BFFs, I would have a tough time choosing.

Anonymous said...

I have three best friends! They are so hard to choose from! They are so much fun. I wish it was top three people you would choose.... That would be a little more fun